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6/4/2020 Trampolines and pools: What homeowners should know to keep kids safe

With the recent changes in society, families have been spending much more time at home together. Parents are finding new ways to entertain children within their home and property.

It's understandable why many families have purchased large pools, trampolines and other playground-type equipment. While these offer many hours of social-distancing fun, they also can create a dangerous situation for homeowners.


These items can be an attraction to other children in and around your home. Injuries often occur due to unsupervised and unknown use to the homeowner. Make sure the equipment is protected by adequate fencing (required for pools), use of proper safety options (like trampoline safety netting), and is used under adult supervision. 

If you have recently purchased or own any of this type of equipment, enjoy!  It’s important to contact your Battle Creek Mutual agent and review how this equipment may affect your homeowners or farm and ranch policy. 

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