Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Account?

My Account puts your Battle Creek Insurance Company policy(s) at your fingertips! You are able to make changes to your auto policy, pay bills, view declaration pages, get your agent contact information, and more. You will also use My Account to choose Paperless delivery.

How do I register for My Account?

From the website, go to My Account and click Register Here.

What does it mean to go Paperless?

By signing up for our paperless option, instead of receiving all of your bills and policy information via US mail, you receive an email when you have any documents available for review online. You have access to your recent bills, payment schedules, declarations, and policy forms and endorsements online instead of receiving them in the mail. Once you've enrolled, you will no longer receive paper versions of these documents in the mail, except for those that are required to be done so by state law.

What are the advantages of signing up for Paperless?

By signing up today, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • View the same policy documents and billing information on our secure
    website that you would have received in the mail.
  • Print desired documents at your convenience.
  • Avoid mail delays.
  • Receive an email when there are documents ready to view.
  • Help the environment by saving paper and reducing waste.
  • Help us keep your rates low by reducing paper and mailing costs.

Can I receive both an email bill notification and a paper bill?

No, once you sign up to be paperless, you no longer receive paper copies of bills or documents.

Can I switch back to receiving paper bills and policy documents if I want to later?

Yes, you may discontinue Paperless delivery at any time. Simply unenroll through My Account, Paperless Options at Your insurance documents and billings will then be delivered by US mail.

How do I view bills or policy documents with My Account?

Once signed on to My Account, go to My Policies and click on the policy number you wish to view. The Policy Documents section lists the items available to view on this policy. Note you can view the policy and endorsement forms for this policy on the same page.

What additional features are available when I sign-up for My Account at

  • Access your policy documents 24/7 through the My Policies tab.
  • Print policy documents at your convenience.
  • Print your insurance ID cards when you need them.
  • Make changes to your auto policy.
  • Enroll, or unenroll, in Paperless delivery.
  • Make a payment.
  • Find Agent contact information.

Can I change my policy through My Account?

Yes, you are able to make changes to your auto policy through My Account. Please contact your agent to request changes to other types of policies. Agent contact information can be found on the My Agent page.

What if I have questions about My Account?

If you have questions using My Account, please contact your agent, or call Customer Service at 800-289-5401.

How do I set up or change my account information?

Once you sign in to My Account, click My Profile option from list on the left. My Profile will allow you to change your user name, password, email address, and security questions/answers.

What if I forget my user name or password?

The sign-on page has a link if you Forgot Username or Forgot Password. Please follow these links to retrieve either user name or password.

Will I get more "spam" by signing up for My Account?

No! We will not share your contact information with other companies.

I'm having difficulty accessing My Account, what can I do?

Please contact Customer Service at 800-289-5401.